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Frames and New Homes


The structural framing side of timber projects is no less important than the finished external products like decking that we can see. It's equally important to have a solid base. 

Customs Building Group specialises in structural timber framing. This includes new roofing and wall framing, single and second story timber framed extensions and timber floor frames.


We have excellent knowledge of Australian Standards and timber framing code applied to projects in Victoria, so you can be assured our frames are compliant with laws and regulations. 


We also possess sound and component skills of reading plans and engineering drawings and a great understanding of renovation and restoration work, such as the below.

  • Second storey timber framed

  • Loft style extensions

  • Single storey timber framed

  • Mezzanine Floors

  • Attic Conversions

  • Choices of external claddings

  • New roof construction (Trusses or stick)

There are so many options for building your home, from house and land packages and project homes to custom-built properties.


We provide detailed plans and outline accurate costings for each aspect of your home, and keep you involved at every stage of construction.


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